How I'd like to contribute to GSoC

Since I’ve joined this community a few weeks ago, I’ve been trying to figure out where I’d be best useful. I think where I want to primarily help is Linux bug testing and research since Linux is where i have the most knowledge and personal daily usage. I’m not much of a dev and honestly didn’t know how bad i was at git till a couple weeks back when i attempted to do a Good First Issue here but i think that figuring what bugs are Joplin specific or upstream might improve efficiency here since GSoC will be time limited. What do you all think?

Case for why i think i could at least do this:

In general having someone to look at Linux issues and figure out what needs to be done, how to fix them, etc. is useful as this platform is much harder to work with due to the many different distro, graphical shells, and versions (each with their own glitches and bugs).

I don’t know how it can translate to a GSoC project, though but I’m open to suggestions.

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I have no idea either but i also don’t completely understand the scope of GSoC outside of it being big and important. Is it down to specific projects and implementations or is the whole Joplin project what’s being submitted here for review? Either way, like you said, general testing on Linux is going to be where you guys will struggle with for the reasons you posted.

I have spoken with a friend about this recently, we agreed that is talent scouting programm for Google camouflaged as open source programmer funding program whereby the organisations do the laborious assessment works.
The official description is What is Google Summer of Code? | Google Summer of Code Guides
From our perspective, Google spends quite a lot of money doing this, reading Statistics  |  Google Summer of Code  |  Google Developers and Student Stipends  |  Google Summer of Code  |  Google Developers.
We all agree that this is peanuts for Google.
But as you can image that Google won't check each project as soon as an organization is accepted, so you are quite free to define a project but for sure you want to make the best out of you granted slots.
Being accepted does not mean that all your projects are financed. I cannot tell on what bases Google decides this. We may can tell more in 20 hours :crossed_fingers:.
Does this answer:

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may we make it a doc project to give us an idea what is necessary. From my experience from digikam, I can tell that they use libraries, which are available on all platform to reduce this complexity, eg. Qt for the GUI.

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Joplin is on Welcome to Read the Docs — joplin latest documentation
I try to learn it the upcoming days, help is welcome :slight_smile:

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Makes sense. Thanks. I do know that being as small and somewhat niche a project as this is in the grand scope of things, the fact that it is as functional as it is across all platforms it supports is a big step up from many other similar apps, so anything Linux related might be something GSoC finds appealing since supporting all of the various distros available as much as possible would mean a massive amount of users long term compared to those that are locked to other platforms. Windows and Mac have higher financial marketshares but the simple fact that there’s a Cli client opens up headless server support and gui less desktops. It also could theoretically open up Chromebook support too and, outside of Google’s own offerings, there’s really nothing else that fits the note taking market.

here is a source of inspiration

@PackElend are you suggesting I help use my Linux knowledge to add to the documentation for GSoC? If so, I’m all up for that. That would be extremely useful for this project since that’s where many of my main concerns and criticisms for the project are along with UX design problems that Laurent brought up in another post with another GSoC contributee.

Also, according to this, because I’m not a student, I don’t know if I could participate in GSoC anyways unless I’m made a mentor. I think this would definitely be an important distinction for anyone that’s wanting to join.