Supporting Kroki will be a big diagramming leap

I haven't seen any mention of Joplin support for Kroki (kroki-dot-io) in the forums.

Kroki takes any of the most used text to diagramming tools (including Mermaid and PlantUML) and spits out at least SVG for it. It has a pretty easy API. It can run locally or one can use the free online translator.

It will be extremely useful because there are 23 formats supported: The possibilities are endless :man_dancing:

  1. BlockDiag
  2. BPMN
  3. Bytefield
  4. SeqDiag
  5. ActDiag
  6. NwDiag
  7. PacketDiag
  8. RackDiag
  9. C4 with PlantUML
  10. Ditaa
  11. Erd
  12. Excalidraw
  13. GraphViz
  14. Mermaid
  15. Nomnoml
  16. Pikchr
  17. PlantUML
  18. Structurizr
  19. Svgbob
  20. UMlet
  21. Vega
  22. Vega-Lite
  23. WaveDrom

So, essentially not 'will' but 'would'. :slight_smile:

Gotta get eyes on the topic to get some interest... :wink:
Seriously - it would be freaking awesome.