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Hi, I am a refugee from Evernote's latest forced software "upgrade." Joplin looks good, and seems like it has most of the features I need in a document management system. I have a Windows 10 high-powered laptop with plenty of RAM, internal disc storage, and external HDD storage. I also have a Fujitsu ScanSnap ix1600 high-speed document scanner. I used to be able to go my target application 9which was Evernote), and move my selection point/cursor folder to a particular notebook and folder within that application, and then scan a document. ScanSnap would send the scanned document to whatever folder I was currently in (in Evernote and hopefully now in Joplin). Is Joplin capable of this level of integration, and if so, how do I set it up to do that? Second (related) question. When I upgraded to Evernote's latest iteration, the primary means by which I organized my information (topic-oriented FOLDERS, inside NOTEBOOKS which indicated which family member the content relates to) went away. Now Evernote dumps everything into one DEFAULT folder, and you only see the user-created folders briefly, when you go to move that scanned item to the correct location. I would like my user-created folders to display, anytime I open a particular notebook. I am a total Joplin newbie, but I have a lot of technical computer knowledge and hands-on experience. I am not a programmer, so be gentle with me, please!

Welcome to the forum @SteveC and I hope you will enjoy Joplin!

Maybe you're not the first EN migrant to face this problem. Well, as always, I suggest you search the forums first. You may be able to find other helpful posts in the forum using keywords such as Fujitsu, ScanSnap, scanning, document capture, etc.

Although I have no real idea how to copy your full process from Evernote to Joplin, one step could be to use the hotfolder-plugin to put everything from a folder with scanned documents into Joplin automatically.

You can find an overview over all plugins for Joplin here: Joplin Plugins

Hope you’ll succeed!

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There is no ScanSnap native scan option direct into Joplin, as this would require an implementation on the from ScanSnap and some Joplin Server APIs.

But you can use the Hotfolder Plugin an Scan from ScanSnap to a local folder on the PC or a Share.

Thanks to #Winvan and #JackGruber for responding to my question. This is essentially what Evernote has done, in its new software iteration. All scanned items go to a default folder, and can be sorted to their final destination from there. It just requires a different workflow, that I will get used to. Rather than choosing the target folder up front, I now choose it after the scan is done, when I move it from the default folder to the destination folder. Same net amount of effort. The other matter, of the disappearing Folder structure, Evernote seems to have fixed in their first patch to the interface, so I think that was just a programming error that they fixed. I love the helpful character of this forum!

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