Inline ToDo - some questions

Good morning,
I have been using the Inline TODOs plugin from Caleb John and am pretty fascinated; thanks for supplying it.
Even though it's pretty straightforward, I have twof questions that perhaps a more experienced user can help me with.

  1. Apparently I can restrict the selection of TODOs to specific notebooks with the special comment, thereby giving me the possibility to have several summary notes; but how do I do this? As soon as I choose "Create TODO summary note" from the menu, the plugin construct a new summary note looking just like the previous one; how can I access/where do I find the special comment?

  2. The tags look very nice in colour and I'd love to use them, but I haven't figured out yet what I can do with them; the summary note does not display them; any suggestions would be welcome.


OK, I figured out that inserting the comment with a notebook into a blank note will filter, so apparently just creating the summary note manually will do this for me.

Is there a way to change the notebooks selected later on? The comment is no longer visible after the plugin has started working.

  1. The comment is still visible. It's just at the bottom of the summary note. You can add the notebook level filters at any time.
    GitHub - CalebJohn/joplin-inline-todo: Write TODOs *everywhere* and view them in one place.

  2. The tags should be visible in the summary note. If you use the table-style summary note, then the tags will have their own column. You can switch to the table-style summary in the plugin settings.

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Thanks for the quick reply. The tags are in fact visible; I had thought that perhaps they could somehow be used for further structuring.
One more thing: I noticed a comment from you in the forum that you had added a "done" command in the context menu of the summary note.
Possibly a stupid question but: where do I find it? Under Linux mint, the right mouse button when hovering over the note link does not offer a "done". Should there be a checkbox in front of the task where I just have a dot?


If you right click on an item in the summary note, there is a "Toggle TODO" option.

OK, what I missed was that it depends on the view I'm in. I usually use the rendered MD viewer, and that only shows the usual link options. In the editor view the TODO toggle is there.

Any chance of having this feature in the rendered viewer as well?


It's not likely. I think it is a good feature, and it was an oversight that lead to it not being added. But you're the first person to request this feature, and I don't have much spare time at the moment.
I would be open to accepting a pull request adding this feature, if someone were willing to take that on.

OK, thanks nonetheless; even without this it's a really cool & helpful plugin.

BTW - talking about enhancments, some way to highlight a TODO with a higher priority would also be helpful; I for instance have TODOs that must be done on a specific date, and others that I plan, but that could easily be postponed.


And, of course, I'm surprised that I am the first person to notice this. Is everyone really using the TODO summary only in the MD editor? Looks much less nice than in the MD viewer ...

I'm not sure. Maybe it's a feature that many don't use? I've never used it

You mean you've never used the "toggle TODO" feature, or never used the MD viewer for the TODO summary because you always work with the MD editor?

I meant that I've never used the toggle TODO feature. But I suppose it's also true that I don't use the rendered view

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