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version 2.12.9

windows 11

Whenever I use this plug in it comes up empty. Is anyone using it successfully?


Hi, I use the plugin and it works for me. Maybe you can share a bit about what you've tried?

For example, a screenshot of the plugin settings, the summary note, and an example of an inline todo that isn't being shown.

The file it creates contains this :

One of my notes containing what I believe should work is this:

I'm sure I don't know what I'm doing. :joy:

Have you created a Summary note yet? You can do so using the top-bar menu Tools -> Create TODO Summary note.

yes, it contains this:

Do you know which editor you're using (markdown or WYSIWYG)? There is a switch in the top right corner, with an M icon and a pencil/paper icon, which one is darkened? Here's an example of the markdown editor being selected

I've just noticed that in your previous reply the todos should be rendered differently, which gives me a hint about where the issue is. But I still don't can't figure out exactly why it doesn't work for you.

P.S. My apologies for taking so long to follow-up, I do want to help you solve this, but life got in the way for a bit.

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