Infinite synchronization

Endless synchronization, at first he tried to delete something without stopping (it reached 3600) and it always ended with an error, although there are no so many notes, I don't know what he deleted, then in the settings I clicked "Re-upload local data to sync target
" because he only deleted and did not synchronize the changes that I did on the PC and on the phone, after I clicked it, he now syncs the changes from the PC, but does it endlessly, because instead of deleting, he now constantly uploads something to the cloud without resetting until you turn off the application (it reached 8000), while there are no so many notes (therefore, he now does not sync the changes from the phone, only from the PC). Was this behavior meant to be?
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  • Version In LInux - 2.6.9
  • Garuda Linux (This Arch)


If you go to Help > Synchronisation status (desktop) and Configuration > Sync status on mobile what do they show?

Unfortunately, I handed over the phone for repair today and will receive it only tomorrow

All zeros, bottom note 700/700

10 megabytes are already occupied on onedrive, although there are not so many notes.

It never syncs from the phone, and it continues to upload something to the cloud from the PC

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Each item isn't a note. If it is still storing the note revisions then each one of those is also an item.
It sounds like you need to get to a point where you have one "good" client (a desktop Joplin with all your data how you want it) and do the re-upload local data to sync target then wait for it to finish.

Then you can sync your mobile. Joplin doesn't do background syncing so if you have a lot of data you will need to keep Joplin running in the foreground until it completes. Don't try to do two things at the same time.

Ohh, I have already clicked "re-upload local data to sync target", and now he is uploading something to the cloud for the third or fourth day, if I click again, will I have to wait another week for him to upload everything?

No, don't start it again.
What does tools > syncronisation status actually show?
It should show you how many notes, folders, revisions and a total item count + how many have been already sync'd

There is no status in tools, there is no status in options either. Is it possible to view the status differently?

Sorry its Help > Synchronisation status

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Horror, I'm scared of these numbers, how so?
image Something obviously went wrong

I think you need to have a look at your import script, you have 52k tags on only 700 notes. No wonder it is taking ages.

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I didn't import or create tags. But earlier I downloaded a plugin that marks notes without a tag, with it the application lagged and hung very much, after which I deleted this plugin. Then i deleted all the tags he created

You might want to start over as the Untagged plugin as some issues I think.

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Not sure how it's possible to have 700 notes, 2 tags and 52k note-tag links. Your database looks broken judging by this screenshot.

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It seems to me that this plugin caused the problem, what is better to do in this situation? I have never created or used tags, and the script does not save tags either.

If importing from your original source is no longer an option because of changes you have made in Joplin then one solution might be to export your entire system as a markdown directory (File > Export All > MD) , remove your profile entirely to start over (or use the victor plugin?) then import the markdown directory as I think that doesn't preserve tags.

You would also want to make sure your sync target and mobile are also clean and empty of data (victor plugin can do this for you too), you may also need to uninstall the mobile app and reinstall (or manually clear the data for that app in the OS).

Of course you would first want to back up your profile (~/.config/joplin-desktop) and export what you have to a JEX file first just in case (File > Export All > JEX)

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Yes, it weighs too much 60 megabytes

Yes, the database doesn't seem to be working properly now, I'll delete it