Improve Notifications

I would like to suggest a new feature / improvement for Joplin: At the moment if you set an alarm for a to-do element, only a popup will appear when the alarm time is reached; the popup disappears after some seconds automatically. If you miss this popup (e.g. you are away from keyboard), the alarm “is lost”. I would love to have a separate window for the alarm notifications e.g. like Thunderbird has it for calendar alarms:

In the first run, a separate window for each alarm that is opened in the foreground would be sufficient. Later on it would be nice to have multiple notifications in the same window and the possibility to snooze the alarm of the ToDo elements directly in the alarm-window like Thunderbird offers.

I am pretty sure that there are people that like the current state with simple popups, so I suggest to have a separate option in the settings to turn this feature on/off.

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