Importing notes from Permanote

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Joplin 12.5.3

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Syncing with dropbox

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iOS (ipad)

I have many notes created with Permanote that I synced with dropbox. Permanote is not supported anymore with iOS 15.x. I thus test the switch to Joplin which is impressive.

How could I import my permanote notes in Joplin ? There are many and can't do it manually.

Permanote doesn't support conversion to enix. It is basically just folders and makdown files.

You could try to import the notes as a Markdown directory, available under File > Import. If it's just Markdown files it should work but if there are images or other attachments it depends on Permanote saves them.

Indeed. I found the import menu command on the desktop app. It works like a charm when importing markdown directories. It didn't work when trying to import single markdown files. But this is easy to solve. It con move the files into a directory and import the directory in Joplin.

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