Imported notes show dark text on dark backround (if the theme is dark)

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What issue do you have?

Imported notes from Apple Notes (trying both HTML and MD formats). They look fine when Joplin is set to Light theme, but have dark text on dark background with Dark theme.

A quick search on forum finds quite a few reports going back to at least 2021. Looks like people were trying to import html or md files exported from a variety of different apps and always ended up with dark text on dark background in dark mode.

Someone suggested that creating a new (not importing) note in folder will force all other notes in that folder to render correctly. This does work but the fix is not permanent, i.e. if I create a new note in Joplin in a 123Imported folder, all notes in that folder will render correctly (white text on dark background if using a dark theme) until I exit to another folder. Then on coming back to 123Imported, I get dark on dark again until I click on that new note, after this every other note in that folder renders correctly until the next time I switch to a different folder and come back.

So, to summarize:

  • this happens when importing from a variety of sources
  • this stops happening (temporarily) when creating a new note from within Joplin

Seems like some sort of a long standing html rendering bug.

I can share some of the notes that were imported, they are not confidential. Just need an address to send them to.

I had this too, imorting from Evernote (probably enex files) on Windows. It was resolved either by importing "as html" or "as markdown" (i forget which one).

I tried both HTML and MD import, same issue.

New user / importing from Evernote (evernote export as ENEX html)
I had the same issue, my appearance is set to 'dark'.
When i switched appearance to light and re-imported, text appears as expected when switching back to dark mode.

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Rexxyboy has it right, but this only works on importing enex as Markdown.

Markdown loses the look of Html pages from Evernote, but it formats the text better than import as Html.

\I'll stick with that, for the readability, and hope for links coming through (or enter them in the note), for anything where I actually need to see the page.

Thanks to each :slight_smile:

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