Black-on-black for Evernote-imported content

Version 2.6.10
Linux Mint (but happens on Windows 10 and Android, also)

I saw another post about this, but the person went a different way with solving their problem (did a re-import), reported such, and then the thread was closed.

The issue is this: in the WYSIWYG editor, notes that were imported from Evernote show as black text. However, I am using Dark OLED theme, making this basically black-on-black and impossible to read.

Strangely, there's no markup or html tag to tell the text to be black, and editing any tags present (e.g., <div>) can trigger the note's text to turn white, BUT not only the edited note-- all of the notes that are in this state show in white without being edited.
Edit to Add: it appears it will only make visible other notes in the same folder. I don't even have to edit a note; I can just open a note that had originally been created in Joplin, and once you see the text is white, it will be white in the other older Notes that were black before, but it seems like the effect is limited to the current folder.

No idea what or why.
If you can also please provide a log, as described here: How to enable debugging | Joplin

Posts that do not at least state the version number and operating system will not be answered.

Could you share an example enex file that shows the issue? Also did you import as html or markdown?

If memory serves, I imported it as HTML, but this was many months ago. I'm also not sure I still have the .enex files (I just looked I my NAS-- no luck, and my PC is undergoing disk scanning at the moment).

Let me see if I can find something or generate something-- I think I still have Evernote.

On Projects.enex (5.3 KB)

I just exported this from Evernote.

Indeed, if it is imported as HTML, it comes out with black text. Markup produces non-black text.

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