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What issue do you have?

when i use darkmode, the text is not readable, too dark
can the text set to white?

Did you create notes with a dark font manually, or did you import them from another application like Evernote or Keep?

some are imported from evernote, others from gmail

I asked that question because I experienced the same issue. Notes imported from Evernote are not transferred in a plain format; they are transferred with Markdown codes. Even if you delete those codes, the font continues to stay black. So, my advice is to copy the note with a black font, open a new text, and paste it there as plain text. Then, delete the old note. That's what I did. It's a bit tedious, but unfortunately, there is no other solution.

Thanks a lot.

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This issue may be partially fixed in the Joplin 2.14.6 pre-release (see HTML notes: font color incompatible with dark mode · Issue #9511 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub).

Importing from Evernote as Markdown (rather than as HTML) may also fix this issue:

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