Import Multiple JEX Files Simultaneously

Is it possible to import multiple JEX exports at once? I made the mistake of making backups individually for all my notebooks as opposed to one JEX export.

I have tried to ctrl + a to select all the JEX files and shift + arrow key however only one JEX export file remains highlighted for import.

Thanks in advance!

It's not possible, but JEX is basically tar archive. So you could try unpacking all your backups, creating a single tar archive, and and importing it as JEX.

Make a backup first just in case.

Huge thanks for suggesting the single tar method. While the single tar method did not properly restore the note hierarchy, I was able to ultimately get all of my notes back in the proper order using the following steps:

  1. Reinstalled Joplin for clean install.
  2. Went to import notes and identified that the most recent backups were not a single JEX.
  3. Attempted to import all of the individual notebook JEX files in parallel via the Joplin GUI import wizard.
  4. Discovered that the step above was not actually possible.
  5. Combined all of the individual notebook JEX files into one combined JEX file using the commands below:
#copy backup to a working directory to preserve original backup
cd /path/to/backup/.jex/files
rsync -a * /working/directory/
#rename all .jex files to .tar
cd /working/directory/
for f in *jex; do mv -- "$f" "${f%.jex}.tar" done
#untar all files in the dir
for f in *.tar; do tar -xvf "$f"; done
#remove .tar files
rm *.tar
#tar up all .md files
tar -cf joplin_backup_06M.30D.2022Y.21H.54M.jex *
  1. Imported the single JEX file only to find out that the notebook hierarchy was not preserved.
  2. Identified the latest single JEX export that was created (a few weeks old).
  3. In Joplin using the newest single JEX export that was manually created above, sorted by last date modified and identified all files created between 5/28/2022 and today using the Sort filter. Copied the markdown to local filesystem in markdown format via text files.
  4. Deleted all notes and reimported using the latest (from 5/28/2022) single JEX export in order to retain the notebook hierarchy.
  5. Manually recreated all notes that were manually copied in step 9.