Import JEX file on android

I hope the Android version of Joplin can provide the function of importing jex files.

希望安卓版的 joplin 能够提供导入 jex 文件的功能。

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I will second this, especially now since we now have an JEX EXPORT option on Android.

A JEX import would be so useful to be able to "jump start" moving into a new device (or if things went sideways and you had to reinstall).

One could do a full backup to JEX on desktop, then transfer that file quickly and easily via any method you want (NAS, local FTP etc) then import that JEX file into Android. For someone with a large database it would likely save hours if not a full day of sync time. I know it would with me and 7,000+ notes.

I would also suggest an option when importing to skip attachments or not. For one it should be faster, and second it would be a method to reclaim space on the device if you have a lot of attachments you don't need on it but can download again via sync target if you do need them later.

When exporting JEX files on Android, please be aware of this issue:

It's fixed, but the fix hasn't been released to the PlayStore yet.

(I would also like JEX import on mobile!)

For now we won't add JEX import on mobile, since we have other priorities for the mobile app development. Maybe at some other time we can consider it though.

First, thanks for the warning with regard to JEX export. I wasn't planning on doing so as unless there were notes that I really needed, and the sync target failed for some reason. Now I am glad I didn't.

And second, ugh disappointing that JEX import won't be possible for some time. I hope the priorities are better speed and background sync. If JEX importing isn't possible for some time, would a profile import be a more likely/easier feature? I realize going from desktop would likely have to strip out all plugins and any other extras mobile couldn't handle, but perhaps it would be easier?

As I said, the current reason I would want to do this is to be able to jump start moving into a new mobile device or if the database became corrupted. For a large database, it seems like this would save a day or more of sync time.

@laurent given that android app is useless for some of us, could we reconsider this since it would at least be a workaround for the sync problem on android?

I'm happy to continue to donate additionally for this. I'm worried about some issue with my phone, and then not be able to use joplin on mobile at all. this has been a problem for quite awhile now. Let me know how I can help

The recent (not yet merged) work done to support plugins on mobile also makes JEX import possible. (Proof of concept diff that adds a GUI for JEX import).

As the plugin support pull request is currently very large, adding support for JEX import might be a good way to split some of its changes into a separate pull request.

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that's good news! anything I can do to help?

Related pull request:

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I confirm the android app sync is useless, even with file system sync it takes 4 weeks to sync my 4000+ notes and 1000+ tags. So importing a jex would be a workaround, but on the other hand would it be challenging to import a 960MB+ jex file on a mobile? I'm not sure if the mobile has enough RAM for that and I doubt the developers predicted this case given that even on desktop Joplin simply loads everything to RAM instead of implementing lazy loading with caching when the notes take more memory than a configurable capacity like 500MB. Also, I switched to file system sync on desktop and I run it only 1-2 times a month because it's so slow.

Just as a note, a JEX export will not help to speed up sync!
Currently, new IDs are assigned when importing, so you would have the same note twice after the import and the notes/resources are then also synchronized and each client then has all notes multiple times!

Currently, new IDs are assigned when importing, so you would have the same note twice after the import

I didn't know new IDs are assigned, thanks for pointing that out. However, I mean that I would delete everything on mobile and then import it from JEX, and then I wouldn't use any sync because it's pointless anyway. That way wouldn't duplicate neither the notes nor the resources.

Forgive me for being a complete newbie but my husband is the one who told me to get Joplin as it was supposedly able to import and export and sync notes with ease when I switched to Android from Apple. I absolutely hated how much of a pain they made it to leave their ecosystem, effectly ruining all the files of my notes over the course of 15 years unless I kept icloud and apple devices.
Now I am being told that even though Joplin supposedly lets you export jex files and sync, it doesn't actually let you import your notes to a new phone when you have the jex file already? AND the sync doesn't work? (Isn't that a feature people have to pay for? Pay for it to not work? Please correct me if I'm wrong!) I'm incredibly disappointed if this is the case. I just want my old notes, that are now on my computer, to get onto my new phone. Is there any way? At least it's only 1 year's worth of notes this time instead of 15.

Edit to update: we did the sync through dropbox and that worked :+1:

For support please create a new support ticket and provide your version, error messages, etc. and what you're trying to do and what is not working.