Import documents from file-system-folder into seperate notes available?

Hello everyone,

I am using the Evernote-Windows-Client. I’m looking for an alternative Linux app which also offers E2EE. Joplin seems to be the first option.

I intensively use the option of an import folder. Every document I put into this file-system-folder will imported into a seperate new note immediately.

Will such a function be available in Joplin soon ??


This can be done via a script that watches the directory for changes and then uses the Joplin API to import the files.
I doubt that this functionality will be added directly into the client. But maybe Laurent sees it differently.

You can deal with that, you can put it in your crontab (if you use linux)

for file in `ls -1 /path/to/my_folder`; do joplin import /path/to/my_folder/$file; done

this will invoke the joplin command line (provided by the joplin terminal package) and import each file from /path/to/my_folder

notice : to be imported, it has to be a format known by joplin

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