Images of exported HTML not displayed in Safari

Not sure this is a bug since images are displayed in Firefox and Chrome.

I exported a directory to HTML using Joplin 1.7.11 (on macOS 11.2.3). When I try to open the pages on Firefox or Chrome (locally or online) I can see the images but not when opening them with Safari (14.0.3).

It could be a problem with Safari's settings but I also thought that I may have missed an option for HTML rendering?

I found a workaround that could interest Mac users and, perhaps, Joplin developers.

After exporting to HTML from MacDown the images are displayed correctly in Safari. Don't know where the problem was but it must be related to the way Joplin currently generates HTML files.

Actually, the problem was a little more complicated and not related to Joplin:

  • The only occurred when HTML pages were embedded in the teaching platform Canvas (Instructure)
  • The reason why the export worked better in Macdown is that I could disable the syntax highlighting, which for some reason prevents the images from being displayed
  • Disabling the privacy option "prevent cross site tracking" was also necessary

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