Images in exported documents in .md

Linux Kali 5.10.0 with Joplin 1.6.7
Win10 21H1 (19043.1023) with Joplin 1.7.11

I have a long document with many dozens of images that is getting slow to edit.
The document is p a inf ull y slow in Linux and Windows although it was written under Linux.
It is replicated up to DropBox.
It represents a lot of work so I've started a new document and plan to join several together when complete.
Just for the sake of testing I exported a copy in .md and tried opening it in other editors (Atom, MS Visual Code) to see if it was the document was slow in them as well.
Although the export contains the _resources folder and the links appear in the script the images do not appear in the preview, replaced instead with an image icon and the file name. I have checked and can see the images are in the _resources folder and open normally.

Example reference below,

A document with html type <img src> tags works as expected.
<img src=">
How do I make sure that .md files with images exported from Joplin will display properly in other editors?

I think VSCode added some restrictions, which means local images don't show up anymore, or maybe you need to turn on some option. On Typora I see that local images still work.

Typora was the next thing to try on my list.
However I think I've found the problem with MSVC at least.
I installed the Markdown Preview Enhanced addon in VC which made no difference on its own.
I then used the VC File | Open Folder option to open the root folder (docExport as below) of the export and now I can see images.
I suspect just opening the .md file directly instead of the containing folder stopped VC from knowing about the _resources folder.


Interestingly the file (with all the images loaded as a fair comparison) is lightning quick in VC in both Windows & Linux whereas in Joplin it's still noticeably slow.

Is it slow to edit in the Markdown or Rich Text editor? And can you share that document so that I can test?

Slow in the markdown.
Sadly I can't share it.
There are around 120 images for 8M total on top of text off around 1000 lines.

Do you use the Rich Markdown editor by any chance? Because normally images shouldn't affect the editor much.

No I write in MarkDown.
Just tested and in Rich Text mode there is almost no typing lag at all.
In markdown mode the lag is appreciable even with the preview pane off.
I can get a dozen or so letters typed in before they appear in Joplin in a spurt.

Strange, as normally any rendering is delayed so it shouldn't freeze while you type. Also I meant the Rich Markdown plugin - do you use it?

Not installed.
The only plugin I have is 'Combine notes'.

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