Image support and Image ID


First of all thanks for making Joplin, really find this cool to have a nextcloud sync, an andoird app and a portable windows app

My issue is for compatibility between different Markdown logic for pictures.
First of all I do like to name the pictures with a human readable name
Also I always do place them in the same folder as the Markdown file because I do use relative path and this make the administration of all quite easy

No looks like all pictures add are all send in the root _resources folder with a nameā€¦ let say ID which does not mean anything and gives no chance to see to which notes it is linked to.

Also concerning the image option we have in Joplin almost nothing

Here what I can do in Notepad++ using MarkdownViewer++ plugin

<img src="file://Photos_01.jpg" width="30%">



In Typora I have this:

<img src="Photos_01.jpg" width="30%">



Almost same except that the {width=10%} is not taken into consideration

Any chance to have the picture logic be simplified and closer to the rest of the Mardown Editor?

I really want to have something the most generic to be able to switch from one os/tool to another os/tool without having to worry too much about the layout changes (which is for me the goal of using Mardown)

Thanks in advance
Laurent C.