How to customize the position of images used in markdown articles

I have a question, can joplin keep the images used in each note in a separate folder? For example, I have a note titled learn_joplin. I hope that I can add a setting to customize the location of pasted pictures in jiplin. For example, I can store the pictures I pasted in a folder with the same name as the title of this article. like this![](./learn_joplin/myimage.jpg). I hope joplin can set the position of the picture like typora like in the picture below:

Instead of copying the images used in all notes to the .resource/ folder by default.
Because if you can put the pictures used in each note in a folder with the same name as the title, you can easily put this article elsewhere, and you can use markdown to edit my notes here, and The pictures in the notes can still be displayed normally.