If you want cloud subscriptions, fix the use of Google

So this is real simple: I was ready to sign up for a Joplin Cloud account, but there were no buttons to do so - I use uBlock Origin, and it's blocking Google advertising bullshit.

I'm not disabling my ad-blocker to pay you, so at the moment this is costing you both in terms of money and reputation. I don't care that GSoC is sponsoring the project or anything else, and I'll run my own server if I have to - or just lose the project entirely before giving in to being monitored or advertised to. It's one thing to be open and offer subscriptions; I realize that project developers have to eat. ...but there's zero excuse for making intrusive shit required to sign up for an account and pay you.

Nohing to do with Google, there's no ads. It's a bug in ublock that incorrectly blocks a keyword in the Try Now button

It's caused by the so called "Fanboy's Annoyance List" (see https://easylist.to) specifically. It it's to be reported, you've got to address the list's author directly, as uBlock itself doesn't accept reports on bugs caused by individual filter lists.


This being the case please accept my apology for venting in ragey frustration. I could go on about how too much of the internet has become nigh-unusable without ad-blocking, and the almost-daily additional things like “pay” buttons that break from using blocking, but that doesn’t excuse my lack of decorum.

Thank you for for a much calmer response.