Idrive for sync?

Does anyone know if iDrive ( can be used for Joplin sync? Specifically between Windows and Android devices. I've done a fair amount of searching but cannot find anything definitive. I found something about iDrive supporting WebDAV, but it appears to be rather out of date.

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Don't consider this a final answer but to my knowledge the answer is no. Idrive uses client side encryption via its own proprietary client for accessing the server. They do not publish an API for others to use such as with rclone.

You must choose one of the Cloud providers that Joplin specifically supports.

Idrive would consider webdav a security breach.

You might have better luck using iDrive S3 compatible storage which they call B2 or something to that effect. Idrive has two different types of cloud storage that they sell one is completely proprietary and one is open.

Joplin has beta Support in the Android app for S3 compatible storage which is what you would want to get from iDrive. They're B2 solution.

Thanks so much for the info. That's about what I figured. I'm thinking about switching from Evernote to Joplin. We have a LOT of notes with a lot of images and pdfs and such. We also have an iDrive account for backup (and sharing files), so I was thinking maybe I could get Joplin sync for "free". But I'm thinking just paying for Joplin Cloud is probably the best way to go. A question about Joplin Cloud though: The highest level is 50GB, but I'm pretty sure I have well over that (it's hard to know because EN does not reveal such info, and I haven't yet tried exporting and importing all of it). Is it possible to get more than 50GB from Joplin Cloud?

I do not know the answer to this question. Another option that you have is a self-hosted server which will give you as much storage as you have but it requires knowledge of installing Linux and other tools. I'm working towards building my own Joplin server on a truenas storage server. It's not for beginners.

GitHub has a very nice Evernote backup utility that will build a local SQL light database with all of your notebooks and notes that can easily be imported into joplin. You could safely export everything from Evernote to a local database file which then exports to a folder full of your notebooks and that will be the file size that you will need to import into Joplin so you can get an idea of how much space you will need using this utility.

It's called Evernote-backup.

Yes, I had already found that utility and tried it out on one of my accounts, but I exported to enex files not sqlite. Reading the docs again, I see now that it first creates a local db with all my en notes -- are you saying I can import that db directly into Joplin without hassling with enex export/import? Which menu item in Joplin does that? (I'm on Windows).

Thanks for all your help, much appreciated.


What the program will do is in Step One create a local database in sqlite and when it's done you run a command to export it into a folder full of notebooks the e n e x files.

Joplin is capable of importing an entire file folder of notebooks all at once. You don't need to import them one at a time anymore. You used to but not anymore.