GDrive support?

Hi there

I’m new to Joplin, but very pleased and excited of discovering Jo[lin, firstly thanks to all that has made this happen as I’ve been searching for a proper evernote alternative for a long time.

Okay … any reason why google GDrive is not supported as a sync backup?
I’d think they’d be one of the 1st and biggest options as they have 15gig on free account.


No particular reason, but it can always be supported if someone submits a pull request. There’s nothing technical that would prevent it. Personally, I wouldn’t do it because I don’t really trust Google to keep their services running or their APIs stable, so I can’t know if the time investment would be worth it.

Hi Laurent.

Thanks for your reply.
Okay, well I’ll submit a request.
Regarding trusting google, well in my mind it’s GDrive … can’t imagine them ending that as it holds huge amounts of various data for various apps of theirs, but yeah guess everything is a risk, I would say the same for the rest Onedrive etc … don’t feel I really trust any of them too … maybe an option to be able to use more than one as a backup.
It’s the 15gig space thats an attraction for Gdrive mostly.

I guess one solution that would already work is to have GDrive sync with a directory on your computer, then have Joplin sync with that directory too (with filesystem sync). Could work in Android too thought I wouldn’t know how to set it up.

Okay yeah it would need to work android as well so a directory on my pc might not be best for it ... hopefully a Gdrive add to the list would be awesome.
And what about iCloud, similar issue as Gdrive? ... just looking into costs of extra space and they seem to be the best/cheapest.
My evernote exported file is about over 5gig, so I can't use Onedrive or Dropbox on the free account and they too expensive for me to upgrade just to be able to sync Joplin ... I might as well go ahead and pay evernote for space :wink: ... but I really don't want to go there.
I'm hoping for Joplin to be the way "to set me free" from evernote.
An iCloud add as well as Gdrive would be great for both pc and android app.

I think you misunderstood. @laurent was talking about a pull request, not a feature request.

Oh sorry … okay what’s a pull request then?

Somebody writes the code and sends a pull request. Which means the coder asks that their code is integrated into Joplin.
It also means that this won’t happen unless somebody else (other than @laurent) is writing the code for it.

Aha … okay well I guess that ain’t me cause I don’t know shit about code