Little Icons

Thanks very much to all of those that make Joplin such a great app to use. I use mine every day with the Typora external editor, they make a great match. My markdown skills get better each time, I’m making tables all the time just because I can…!

So to the point. When you install Joplin for the first time on a desktop it comes with two notes, Welcome (Desktop). The little light bulb icon… What size is that and is there a place on the internet where I can other icons, they would be quite useful to have I think.

Thanks very much all


Do you mean this? :bulb:
If yes, that is an emoji.

yes thats the one… So I can use any emoji in Joplin?

Yep… Sorted… Found a very nice site of free emojis
Thanks all

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If you are on windows, you can access emojis from
WIN+. shortcut

There’s even a emoji plugin for Joplin. Preferences -> Plugins -> Enable markdown emoji