I wonder if Ctrl-P could be the default search with results listed in the normal search results pane

I find the Ctrl-P search far superior to the standard search. It shows hits inside of PDFs when OCR is enabled which is very important for me. But the hit list is transitory. Its lost when you click on a hit.

What I would like to see is an option for the Ctrl-P search engine to be used for the standard search so that the list of hits remains when you click on a hit.

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Interesting idea. I don't have to search PDFs, but 99% of the time I search, it's using CTRL+P. Having a non-transitory list of results from that CTRL+P search would be nice.

I wonder if there are people who use the search bar as their primary search (assuming they are even aware of CTRL+P search), and what their rationale for using it is (perhaps I am missing some benefits of the standard search relative to CTRL+P other than non-transitory list of results).

Right you are. I was not aware of the Ctrl-P search (Goto Anything - I had to look it up) but the results differ a bit from the standard search. The Ctrl-P returns hits on 4 notes while the standard search returns hits on 37 notes. I'm trying to figure out now why I get so many results using the standard search and so little with the Ctrl-P.