Search box easy improvement request


I think default behaviour for the search box (the one that appears when ctrl+f in a note) should be improved using the default behaviour web browsers use, which is:

  1. Ctrl+f >> search box appears, focus is on the box so you can start typing
  2. You can navigate and click anywere in the current page/note
  3. Ctrl+f again >> search box appear again with the previous search selected, so you can start typing a new search without having to remove previous string.

Right now in Joplin, steps 1 and 2 work the same as mentioned, but step 3 is the one I find should be improved, because when you do CTRL+F:
a) if the box has been closed, the previous search is not there any more
b) if the box has not been closed, the focus is at the end of the string, so you have to manually remove what you had before and the write the new string.

Do you think this could be easily implemented?



Agree with the feature request, but I see a much broader problem.
Let's say I have a page which includes the chars "cloud.fighter"

  • cmd-f cannot find drag unless the page is shown (ok)
  • cmd-shift-f can find cloud, but cannot find clo or clou
    I think there is more needed to be done to search to become "normal".