I have found some problems using Joplin search feature

Recently, Joplin starts searching a word one second after I enter the keyword in the search field/box. I expect Joplin waits until I hit the enter key, or at least wait more time after starting the searching process. Sometimes meanwhile entering a word to search, Joplin starts the process if for some reason I delay in completing the word or delay more than a second adding an asterisk at the end of the word, without any chance to complete typing the entire word for searching.
Is this behavior or response changed in the last version update for some reason? Is this a bug?
I remember I used it a lot without having to rush to type the keyword that I wanted to search without any short pause when I typing it.
This happens only in a desktop app, not on IOs Joplin app.

Joplin 2.8.7 (prod, linux)
Ubuntu 20.04

Did you use the plugin Persistent Editor Layout?
When yes I have the same problem, when the plugin is active and is changing the layout during the search.

When not, try to disable all your plugins and try again.

Possibly this problem was made worse by the joplin speed optimization in the note switching.

Hi @JackGruber
I do not use this plugin, and checking the behavior running Joplin in a save mode (as indirect way to run without any plugin) I could not see any problem for searching.
I guess other plugin I was installed recently produces the same issue that this mentioned plugin does. Unfortunately, I could not identify which one or/and last optimization could reveal as well this annoying behavior when we use the search functionality.

It's always worked like this though - as soon as you start typing it's going to start searching, probably with 1 second delay or so.

What's the actual bug?

Somebody reported something similar in GH or the forum but I can't find it...

Basically they reported that (on Windows) they would start typing and Joplin would start searching as you describe but focus would be taken away from the text box so you could no longer add further characters to your search term. I wasn't able to replicate it.

@laurent The search is started after about a second, that is ok.
During the search the note list and the displayed note is updated and according to the settings for the note, the plugin change the layout (Splitview, markdown or Rich Text editor) for the displayed note and therefore the search field loses focus.

I can also reproduce the behavior without a plugin, but am not sure if this is intentional or a bug:

  1. Set Layout to preview
  2. Start searching
  3. Use shortcut to switch the Layout Str+L
  4. Now the editor window has the focus

But with the plugin this happens all the time, because this switches back and forth depending on the note with toggleVisiblePanes and toggleEditors

@Eduardo which plugins do you use?

Thanks, @Daeraxa to explain the problem better than me, even this issue happens after clicking the text button with mouse and before typing the first character, if you delay one second for typing it.

@JackGruber I use or at least I have installed near to 25 plugins, if you need a list I will prepare it to share.

Experienced the same issue and discovered it was caused by the 'Auto show active note in sidebar' plugin: the problem disappears when I disable it.

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I have verified the same solution. Thanks to found the plug-in

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