In the process of inputting search terms, the problem of automatic search is triggered

Joplin for Desktop 2.1.8 Question feedback:
In the process of inputting search words, the search is often triggered automatically, and the focus of the search box is lost, resulting in the interruption of search input.

My English is not good, I hope that the problem has a clear description, also hope that friends with similar problems can help to add
thank you



Does anyone have the same problem as me? thank you

No, and I've tried to replicate this before and never managed to. I think it has something to do with what note is being displayed while you search, maybe there's something in there that steals focus. Does it always happen for all search queries or only some of them? If you could narrow it down to what note shows up or what queries and could share a JEX file with this that might help replicate the problem.

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Press backspace to delete all search terms, the search box will lose focus. This should be able to reproduce, please help to have a look. Thank you

It doesn't do it for me, on macOS.

Thanks for taking time writing the post.

I do have the same problem regularly but not consistently -- it's hard to replicate what triggers it. So far I can describe a behaviour I experience: while inputting search terms, it does search each term automatically (without the need to press enter). Sometimes the search "lags" a bit and clears the search box.

I do realise, it's unclear what "sometimes" and "lag" means in this context and when I got time I'll try to collect logs, screenshots and more obvious steps to replicate it.

Last time I stumbled upon it in this environment:
Joplin 1.8 (prod, linux) yes, not the latest
Ubuntu 20.10

Also I think I've seen it on Windows 7 but I cannot say reliably what version of Joplin.


Hello, I repeat the question, press Ctrl + F, open the "Find in notes", input keywords in Joplin search box, the cursor of the search box will be lost, jump to the "Find in notes", please help to see this problem. Thank you

I can reproduce the error.

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