I have delay / lag on Joplin Mac

Hi everyone!

I have lags when I use the Joplin Mac app.
Some of these delays / lags happen randomly:
-When I slide on a note up or down.
-While I write, the letter that I write is not displayed and after 2 seconds the written letter appears.
-When I move around my notebooks.

I have tried without having any plugin, I have also read in another message that a user solved this by deactivating the spell checker but I still have lags.

Is it likely to happen because my macbook is M1 and Joplin is only Intel compatible (even though I use Rosseta)?

Greetings and thanks!

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Hi everyone,

this is very unpleasant, i have lags on the joplin screen and it is very very uncomfortable. I thought I had found the perfect application but nothing, slow after moving through notes, writing, scrolling up and down through a note ... (It does not happen always, only sometimes)

I checked:

  • Activate the safe mode: it seems that the scrolling in general is better although it continues to have a slight lag.
  • Deactivate all options in Preferences / Markdown: you still have lag.
  • log.txt: when the lake occurs I look at the time and see the log and it seems that no problem occurs.
  • I have disabled the correct spelling: but it still lags.

I can't think of what else to try.
Does anyone with macbook m1 have this problem?

What else can I do to find the slowness problem?


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I'm on a macbook pro M1 (Joplin 2.5.10) and I too experience systematic lags but only with notes longer than "roughly 10 screens" but my difficulties appeared before = when I was on a "traditional" macbook Intel.
Although, it is not terribly annoying, it is just "a bit annoying" (3 to 4 seconds lag when I open a big note, and moving screen after 1s when I change cursor position) and I live with that :slight_smile:

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