Contribute to translation - .po file cannot be opened

I would very much to like to contribute to the nl_BE localisation. I tried to follow the instructions on the home page ... but they didn't quite materialize. Downloading and installing Poedit version 2.4.2 went okay. But then clicking the link nl_BE in the table did not download a file but rather opened it in my browser (Firefox). With the "save link as" option I managed to download a file named nl_BE.po as expected, but Poedit responds 'The file cannot be opened'.
So I'm stuck before I even started ...

That's because you downloaded a HTML page.

Click on the link. Then click on Raw. Now you can download the file.

However, you should create a PR anyway, unless you don't know how to work with git. If that's the case, you can just send us your updated .po file.

Thanks! I got the file open in Poedit now. Maybe modify the how to description on the home page? (It also suggest to change country and language but that is not necessary for a .po file.)
I am indeed not at all familiar with Git. As I am not nor never will be contributing code, I think investing in learning how to use Git isn't worth the trouble. I will probably stick to contributing translation and functional stuff.
So I will send the updated .po file. But can you please explain how precisely I should 'send' the file?
Many thanks in advance for putting up with a novice like me.

You mixed that up. This part is in the section for a new translation, not for updating a translation.

Updating a translation is in fact contributing code, but I understand the reluctance to learn git. In this case it's certainly not necessary.

Ahh, ok. Previously there was an image (so that scrapers can't read the email) with an email address. Apparently this was removed.

Well, there are a few options. The easiest: just attach it here in this topic and I'll do the rest.

nl_BE.po (133.9 KB)
That's the updated .po file.
Poedit also created a corresponding .mo file; I upload it alike. (70.5 KB)
I left a few percent undone: too technical language for me or 'context needed'.
And I used DeepL a lot :wink:

Thanks for the update to the translation file.

It's very possible that your comments will be removed by gettext the next time the translations are built.
The context becomes clear when you use the app and come across that translation.

As mentioned in a different post, we thought about adding comments about context, but I think we lost them when gettext created new items.

I can't answer all your questions in the comments, but strong is bold and emphasized is italic.

I have committed your changes to the source tree.

P.S.: We don't need .mo files.

Oh, then you might translate strong by vetjes and emphasized by cursief.

I'll try to remember that.

:slightly_smiling_face: You're welcome.

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