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I can not use Joplin on Elementary OS 5.0


I can not use Joplin on Elementary OS

I am new to Elementary OS (and Linux) and installed on my system via appimage, using the AppimageLauncher. Apparently it was installed because the icon appears in applications, but when I click the Joplin icon it does not start.
I already installed Kdenlive on AppimageLaucher and it ran smoothly, but Joplin did not.
The version of Joplin that I installed is
I tried to install via terminal and it worked only once and I even managed to sync, but after I shut down Joplin and try to start it again it will not.
Could someone help me, please!
Thank you!



I was able to solve the problem.
Using Nautilus, I delete the Joplin files that had been installed via the terminal in the .config folder. Then using AppimageLaucher I was able to install normally.