I can not use Joplin on Elementary OS 5.0

I can not use Joplin on Elementary OS

I am new to Elementary OS (and Linux) and installed on my system via appimage, using the AppimageLauncher. Apparently it was installed because the icon appears in applications, but when I click the Joplin icon it does not start.
I already installed Kdenlive on AppimageLaucher and it ran smoothly, but Joplin did not.
The version of Joplin that I installed is
I tried to install via terminal and it worked only once and I even managed to sync, but after I shut down Joplin and try to start it again it will not.
Could someone help me, please!
Thank you!

I was able to solve the problem.
Using Nautilus, I delete the Joplin files that had been installed via the terminal in the .config folder. Then using AppimageLaucher I was able to install normally.

Hello bro! First time using GNU/Linux. I don’t know how to use the terminal. How do I install Joplin on Elementary OS? I tried but I couldn’t. could not find detailed tutorial. Can you help me?

What is AppimageLaucher? How do I download?

The simplest way to install is using the terminal. Simply open a terminal and copy and paste the below

wget -O - https://raw.githubusercontent.com/laurent22/joplin/master/Joplin_install_and_update.sh | bash

this will download joplin and make the icon accessible from your menu (after you log out and back in).

Alternatively you can simply download the AppImage file from the joplin website and double click on it to launch.

Hi Caleb. I wrote your command to the terminal and restarted the computer, but the Joplin icon still does not come to the menu. This is my terminal stream: https://privatebin.net/?0a3be49e77e3792b#2eEsi4s3jn2NoKWkiW7zgiS5fBEmUqmYbVfm1Kgeg562

I did not understand how to make the other alternative. My English is bad but i hope you understand.

It looks like you only need to log out and back in for the icon to appear. If it does not open another terminal and type copy this into is


Joplin will start after that.

bash: ./joplin/Joplin.AppImage: Böyle bir dosya ya da dizin yok

It says, “No such file or directory.” Even though I did restart.

My mistake, i mistyped the command, this is the proper one


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I have now installed. Thank you Caleb. :+1:

I’m sorry I did not answer before.
Looks like it solved your problem … see you later.

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