HTML export: from 60KB to 1.5MB!

Hello everyone!

First, the preamble:

  • The version you are using: Joplin 2.6.10 (prod, win32)
    Client ID: 98ded0c341a4439d93f280948b2d612c
    Sync Version: 3
    Profile Version: 41
    Keychain Supported: Yes
    Revision: 98fba37

  • The operating system you are using: Windows

So the problem is the following: today I've edited a note, which I regularly update, export in HTML, and then upload on my homepage. It's a table with links, no files whatsoever. It was usually 60KB when exported, but today, after adding one more row to the table, the export file was a whopping 1560KB! I tried removing the row I've added, but again, the exported file is 1.5 megabytes.

Someone can tell me what is happening here? I know that 1.5 mega is nothing today, but it's bad anyway...

Thank you!

hey, that's interesting, yeah

So, is this note private or you could share the 60kb and 1.5mb versions?

Without seeing the file it's all just speculations on what could've happened...

Are you using any plugins? Try testing without any plugins.

Thank you very much for taking interest in this.
I'm attaching the two versions, in HTML.
publist-new.html (1.5 MB)
publist.html (62.9 KB)

no plugins here, only vanilla Joplin

uploading also the Joplin Export File
publist.jex (26.5 KB)

It's KaTex, fonts and JS code.
Not sure why it's suddenly there, have you recently added any formulas to your document?

It just bundles every enabled plugin actually, whether used in the note or not. It's always been like this, except before it was in an external directory, and now it's bundled with the HTML file.

Thank you all for the feedback. So, is this meant to be the intended behavior? Surely it can't be so, can it? As I'm not using any plugins at all, I imagine there should be a way to remove the 1.44 MB of bloat from the HTML blob...

I think I found a workaround, but it feels unnecessarily redundant. It is to export the note as "HTML - HTML Directory", take only the HTML file out of the directory, and discard the rest :face_exhaling:.

To reply to your question: no, I never used any formula in this particular note, but I always used LaTeX fomulas in Joplin (actually, that was one of the main reasons to have it besides Evernote...)

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