Feature request: search for the specified notebook

Feature request: search for the specified notebook

You can do that by using the CTRL+G and doing @ before searching. That “searches” by notebook name.

Ask about “ctrl + g” how to specify notebook search? Thank you

Sorry, I’m not sure I get the question, could you elaborate?

How to search the selected notebook or specified notebook? There are too many results for searching all notebooks, I hope to narrow the search. Thank you

Oh, you mean to search for text inside of a note, that is within a specific notebook? Because then sorry! I missunderstood your question. I thought you wanted to find a specific notebook.

Thank you for your answers. I use Google to translate Chinese into English, please forgive me if I am unclear.

I think Edit > Search in current note or Ctrl+F is what you’re looking for. The search box should appear at the bottom of note.

Thank you for your answer.
The specified notebook search is different from the search in notes.

Apologies, I see what you want now; you want to search only within the currently selected notebook. I don’t think there is a way to do that now. I tried searching using: @NotebookName SearchTerm but I couldn’t get consistent results. It seemed to work sometimes, but not others.

I have made a GSOC proposal for this. Hopefully it will get accepted :slight_smile:

Once implemented you can search in a particular notebook like this.
notebook:notebookName searchTerm

thank you for your help