How to search for file sizes of each note

I use the Joplin cloud and I got a warning that I am at 80% usage.

I use both the Joplin 2.10.18 for windows and Joplin 2.10.8 for Android.

I would like to purge some of the notes that are the largest file sizes.
Is there an easy way to find these large notes so I can delete the images attached to them to reduce the overall Joplin data file?


You can check for the largest attachments at your windows client by Tools -> Note attachments... -> Sort by size. Not sure what the best workflow would be for deleting the attachments and not creating broken links at the notes, though.

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Deleting wouldn't make much difference in this case if you use the default of 90 days' note history. Lowering the number (even to zero) might be helpful here.

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What is note history? I could drop that to say 30 days, but not sure what I would sacrifice.

This gives me a start, could print that list and delete the notes that contain the large attachements.

Joplin's versioning feature which you can configure in the desktop app: Tools/Options/Note History. If there's a figure other than zero, deleted notes will still occupy storage space for the determined number of days AFAIK. The sacrifice depends on how often you edit your notes, i.e. how many versions you have (if you allow them to be saved).

Note History set to 90 days. I will try 30 days and see what that does for storage issues.

would you let us know which effect it has? I’m curious…thx in advance!

it is hard to say, I set the note history to 30 days, deleted a bunch of old notes, and deleted out a bunch of overly large pdf and jpgs from some notes. That dropped the file size usage on the joplin cloud by 25%.

Interesting. thank you!

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