Individual note size

Hi. I am new Joplin user (after a long time with Evernote) and have a simple question: how do I view the size of an individual note?
I am used to Evernote hiding large images, bloating the note size, but it looks like this isn't an issue with Joplin (yay!!) so it is less of an issue but something I'd like to be able to keep an eye on.

You can't really see the size of a note (including attachments). However, you can see a list of all attachments in Joplin Tools > Note attachments... and you can sort the list by size.

Your question made me realize that we could create a plugin that shows this info in a panel.
e.g. A list of a attachments with size and link to the attachment.

You can try my plugin with the field size, but this field is at the moment not sortable.

@tessus This is good to know. Thank you!

@JackGruber Thank you for sharing this. The plugin page description is really helpful! I was able to get it to run, fun stuff. Thank you again!

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