How to restore data from synchronized folder in cloud? (No JEX files)


I once upon a time downloaded joplin, and synchronized it with my OneDrive cloud, the OneDrive cloud contained the directory Apps --> Joplin in which all the data was kept but for some reason I left Joplin for some time, now I am back and I have that directory available in my cloud as well. FYI the synchronized data is encrypted (I know the master password).
The question is, how can I import all those notes from the directory and keep it synchronized there as well? I tried importing using the import options but it only includes JEX option and some other irrelevant ones which arent applicable to this situation

I am on Windows 11 if OS is relevant to this problem. Any help shall be greatly appreciated.

Those files are not supposed to be imported. Just put your credentials to the cloud in the "Syncronisation" tab and immediately hit "Delete local data and re-download from sync target" in the advanced settings. Then your local data will be removed, the remote data will get pulled and your sync is ready to go.

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