How to start Joplin?

So I have installed joplin as instructed on the website:

wget -O - | bash

Linux Installer and Updater

Checking architecture...
The latest version is 1.0.218, but you have no version installed.
Downloading Joplin...
/tmp/tmp.trS7vcHmD5/Joplin.AppImage       100%[==================================================================================>] 113.95M  7.01MB/s    in 19s
/tmp/tmp.trS7vcHmD5/joplin.png            100%[==================================================================================>]  22.45K  --.-KB/s    in 0.01s
Installing Joplin...
Installing icon...
Create Desktop icon...
NOT DONE, unknown desktop '/usr/local/share:/usr/share'
Joplin version 1.0.218 installed.
Cleaning up...

Now what? How can I start it?

$ joplin
bash: joplin: command not found

I can’t find anything in the FAQ and a manual does not seem to exist. Where does the installer put the files?

@philippludwig welcome to the forum.

The script has not actually installed an app into your OS, it has downloaded a self-contained AppImage. Note in the output where it says,

Downloading Joplin...

Run the AppImage which is normally saved as:


The script also shows,

Create Desktop icon...
NOT DONE, unknown desktop

So it seems that the script has been unable to determine what the desktop environment is for whatever flavour of Linux you are using and so could not create a launch / Desktop icon.

The DEs the script looks for are:

[[ $DESKTOP =~ .*gnome.*|.*kde.*|.*xfce.*|.*mate.*|.*lxqt.*|.*unity.*|.*x-cinnamon.*|.*deepin.*|.*pantheon.*|.*lxde.* ]]

You will have to create one yourself if you want one.

Thanks for the detailed explanation.

I wonder why there is no direct download link to the AppImage in the first place.

I believe that the script has been provided so just to help automate the download and desktop shortcut creation as well as providing an easy method of upgrading. The script just grabs the current release AppImage from the the project’s GitHub releases page. There you can also download pre-release versions.