How to open the android app into a list of notes/tasks filtered by a tag

Hello everybody!

I'm in love with Joplin! Thank you all the community for making this happen as a open source project!

As I'm migrating to Joplin, I'm starting to use it to manage my tasks too, not only my notes/ideas. I use an organization style like GTD, so, I have my "lists" created using tags. For example, I have a tag doasap, personal, work, pets, house, projects, etc

I want to when I open the app it already is in a tag filtered list, mainly the doasap one. In other words, I want to automate the process of opening the app, touching the menu image to show the side menu, touching the Tags option and then touching the tag I want.

It's not practical to do that when you are on the go... as I organize myself in the beggining of the day, with minor changes and corrections during the day, my main focus is the list created by applying the doasap tag... doing it multiple times in a day are getting tiring and annoying and a possible drawback in adopting the app for organizing my life.

Is there a way of doing it already or, if not, is it possible to code that?

Thank you very much.