How to make a download link in a note?

When I insert this piece of html-code and click on the link, I see the image in a note, even when I select an other note.


But how do I get back? (Solution: I have to close and reopen Joplin.)

I expected to get the file downloaded.

This code also doesn’t download the file:


Perhaps there is a workaround?

Not sure if I understand what you mean but this code works for me in a Joplin note:

<a href="">Download</a>

Ah, it only works without tagget="_blank". Thank you very much!

The problem I also mentioned was that (in Windows 10, not with android) I can click on the following link and see the picture. But the rest of the notes content isn't available anymore and I only get out of this situation, if I restart joplin.

`<a href="">Download</a>`

But maybe two pictures tell more than 2000 words. :wink:

I can confirm this behaviour on latest Joplin under Win10.

Inserting that image tag in a note and clicking on the link - I have to restart Joplin to make the image go away…

Same problem on macOS. Markup works though.

# Markup

[Markup Download](


<a href="">HTML Download</a>

When I click on Markup Download, a new broswer tab is opened.
When I click on HTML Download, the image is shown in the HTML layout pane and I can’t get rid of it unless I restart Joplin.