How to insert image from Android phone Gallery

Hi Joplin community, new to Joplin, need help please. How do I insert image straight into a note from Android app?

When you click Attach -> Attach File, then navigate to Gallery recent images, then pick the image you want...

...all that shows up in the note in Android app is a string of text. What good does that do me?!


What am I missing? The images I migrated into Joplin from Evernote are all showing. The new ones I tried to add to new notes from phone gallery are all just strings of text like above.

Is this a missing feature in Joplin? Or does it work but just require complex ninja coding to make it show?


Which version? Could you post a screenshot?

What you are describing sounds like the markdown link in the editor. Unfortunately, on mobile (both Android and iOS/iPadOS), the editor only shows the link, not the image. To see the "final result", you have to close the note. E.g.,

My post above, when the note is closed, yields:

(my response is split here across 2 posts because I can only attach one file, and I'm too lazy to fire up Affinity Photo to stitch these screenshots together)

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