Inserting image from Camera or FIle (Android app)

Hi Laurant,

Many thanks for creating Joplin, i only discovered it yesterday after Evernote refused to reinstall on my old phone (KitKat 4.4)
I was able to transfer my notes easily enough, but one folder (notebook) at a time to preserve the folder structure.

My question is about inserting photos and other resources into notes, using the Android app.
Forgive my ignorance, but I can’t find the button to do it. I believe it’s possible, but Google hasn’t been much help. Maybe it’s my old KitKat that’s the problem?

At top right of the screen , you should havea menu to add file/photos

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I thought it should be there, foxmask, but i can only see the menu options in the screen shot attached…Screenshot_2018-11-06-22-46-13

thoses options should be above of “share”. may be kitkat is not able to do that ? are you able to attach files in others app ? if so it could be a problem with electron . Should check what android version are fully supported.