How could i import the picture form Android edition Joplin

thanks to view this question.
I dont know how to import picture form Android APP.
but i know that pc edition could use “save as”.
Is there a way?

I don’t think it’s possible at the moment.

Actually I found a hack to get around this limitation if you really need this and have no other way.

Open the note with the image attached, go to edit mode find the reference to the image – it would look like this: ![image.jpg](:/123456).

Now delete the exclamation mark and save. Your image will disappear and turn into a link. Clicking on the link will open the image in your defaul app, gallery or something like this.

There depending on your device you might be able to save a copy of the image.
In my case it was not possible but there was the edit button so I edited the image, cropped a bit on one side and saved this and it was accessible from gallery and other apps.

Of course it should be possible to do that without hacks like this, I’ve raised this before here on the forum. Maybe I’ll just do it myself.

Yes I think there should be a popup on long pressing a link or image, which would open a context menu, and from there we can save the resource to somewhere else.

This is a very important feature.
Can developers add it to the development plan? :pensive: