Android > Share picture(s) > Joplin doesn't create a note

Coming from evernote I've used this process a lot:

  • Scanning document(s) via e.g. TapScanner app
  • share those scanned picutures/scans (jpg) with the 'share' button
  • select my 'shrink picture' app in there - so the jpg size of each picture is shrinked by ~50%
  • in my 'shrink picture' app I then share again the pictures and now select the Joplin app
  • what I thought would happen is a new note is generated with the selected jpg file(s) I shared from that shrink app to Joplin but what actually happen is only Joplin app is opening, nothing more...


Sharing text via Joplin does create a new note :white_check_mark:
but sharing images (e.g. jpg) vie Joplin does not create a new note :x:

@laurent Did a small donation to support Joplin in general (it helped me to find my successor to evernote) and I hope you consider to also support sharing image(s) in Android which produces a new note with the shared image(s) as attachements in it.

Thanks for your work - and also thanks to all plugin devs out there which complete the Joplin program :+1: