How to have interface similar to iPhone on desktop?

Hi. New user of Joplin here. Took a while to figure out how to change a few things like the default Markdown pane font in Windows, but finally got it! The Evernote and Markdown imports seem to work very well, and love the encrypted syncing. Love the Markdown integration/design and am hopeful that it will be a competent replacement for OneNote in the future.

My question here is: can I collapse the side bars for the notebooks and notes? Right now I have it on a single pane, but having to push f10/f11 isn't user friendly. I do like how there is a button in W10 UWP OneNote app where it collapses the whole left pane:image image

The iPhone app has the hamburger menu, which is nicer to me.

Also, I like how the iPhone has an edit and preview button. I know the WYSIWIG editor is a thing on desktop, but I don't see a simple way to get a format/look similar to iPhone format.

Hopefully that makes sense.

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Not sure if this is quite what you are after but if you follow the instructions in this post you can add a plugin to Joplin which adds two buttons to the top right toolbar.


(1) closes / opens the Notebook pane (like F10) and (2) opens / closes the note list (like F11).

I have found this useful when already using the mouse and scrolling through notes as it is just a mouse movement and click to get some more screen space.

Maybe someone knows how to modify this so that one button opens and closes both?

Tried that, but the interface doesn’t shift over. Maybe it is a bug. Also, having one button would be cleaner.

Yes that is basically what I mean.

Also, when I mean the interface, on iPhone you choose between markdown input screen or the rendered markdown read-only display. You have to hit a single button.

Since the WYSIWYG editor isn’t mature yet, and I’m getting used to markdown, I would rather have an interface on the PC. I don’t like the split view and switching between markdown and the rendered viewer enables WYSIWYG, which I don’t want.

Thank you for the pointer though!

Switch to View -> Layout button sequence -> Editor / Viewer

Then you can use Cmd+L or click this button:


I’ll try that. Seems like it wasn’t clean for some reason, but I will post again tomorrow when I can.

Ok ctrl+L works or that little button that you circled. However my problem with f10/f11 and that button is:

  1. if you have the text editor on left and notebook/note pane on the right, and collapse notebook/note pane, the input panel doesn't resize.
  2. The button mentioned above is two separate buttons. I'd like it to be a single button. I have no idea how to concatenate the command in the plugins folder.

Regarding issue #1 above, here are a couple screenshots to show what I mean:
Now push F10/F11:

Notice the input field didn't move over.

Nope, I don't:

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