Script to create Joplin tags from #tags in the note text?

HI, I'm using Joplin 2.4.5 on MacOS with a couple thousand notes I just imported from Bear Notes. I'm wondering if there is any script or other workaround to extract the tags that Bear stores in the note text (i.e. #tagname) and create corresponding Joplin tags. Possible? Thanks!

If somebody had written a script, it would be in the #apps category.

See also How to get Joplin to apply Tags from a Bear Notes import?
I'm afraid you would have to write such a script yourself.

If there is a process that allows you to move your notes with the tag associations intact to Evernote you could then export as ENEX from evernote which is supported natively by Joplin.

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Thanks, unfortunately not. Bear Notes does not export ENEX files. Only markdown, which is why I chose Bear. It's kind of crazy how MD is perceived to be this open format, but when you actually start using it and then try to move between apps, so many details don't work out the way they should. I know #hashtags aren't a standard part of markdown, but so many apps use them in the note text like this, and obviously #hashtags have been used across social media for a decade or so now, it's odd that extracting them from MD notes appears to be an afterthought.

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