How to express multiple blank lines in markdown

Joplin 1.3.18 (prod, win32) - win 10.
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What do i type into the markdown editor to create more than 1 blank line in a row in the output?
If I end a line with that gives a newline in the output.
I can enter one line that is just , or just - and get 1 blank line in the output.
But if i want say 3 blank lines in the output, there doesn't seem to be any way to express that in MD.
(Various web suggestions to escape the blank and eol don't appear to work.)
I can do "." but then of course I have the dot symbol.

Oddly, the wysiwyg editor will allow one to type this in, but it gets lost so switching to markup and back to wysiwyg loses the extra blank lines.

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Windows 10

Use <br /> for empty Lines in markdown.

Thank you. I find that
, and
all work. Any reason to favor one over another?

You have to but that in code blocks (use inline code), otherwise we can't see what you are typing.....

Sorry about that:
It seems that all of the following do the same thing, any reason to pick one over another:
<br />

No, not really. All do the same.

<br> is an empty HTML tag, so no end tag is necessary (</br>).

<br/> and <br /> are XHTML.

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