How to disable spell check in android editor?

I'm using wonderful Joplin app on different devices, and between them I have an Onyx Boox Nova2 android e-ink tablet: I'm experiencing some difficulties because, due to odd tablet settings (it's a quite young device), I can't switch spell check language and the tablet sees every words as a mistake :woozy_face: and edit notes becomes very difficult (I can't explain it more crearly, but on this device everything is a little bit complicated :sweat_smile: )
Can I disable spell check in the app?
Android 9 - Joplin 1.2.6
Thank you :blush:

I'm a newbie, might be wrong!

There is no spell check in the Android App. I believe you should switch off the spelling checker on your keyboard or Android settings.

ehmm... thank you, I can't switch off it on my keyboard but you're right :sweat_smile: :smirk: