How to disable auto sync?

Hi, I want to know if it's possible to do manual sync, or set it to sync once a day at a certain time. When I see it is synchronizing I get anxious because I'm afraid if I click something or type in something, it will screw up the syncing process, please help, thank you!

No need to get anxious. The sync is very robust and will work fine even if you keep on typing or do anything else. You won’t break something.

I do not know a way to set the sync to a specific time, but you could just use a long sync interval to feel better.

Ok, because last time, when I edited the text while it was syncing, some errors occurred, and some notes were all messed up.

I just changed the interval to 12 hours, and 24 hours, but it doesn't help, it still likes to sync whenever I stop typing...

Now I am wondering. Are you talking about sync on the desktop or mobile applications? And how did it mess up exactly? I never had any problem with the Joplin Sync, besides when I have conflicts between notes edited in different devices.

I cannot say why it does sync even if you set the interval to 12 hours. Maybe some with more knowledge about th sync process can help.

Hi, I'm talking about syncing to NextCloud, I just tried typing while it was syncing to the cloud, and no error occurred, maybe this was fixed in the latest update.

I'm worried about that, too. Maybe it's not a good time to use it across different devices, yet.

Auto Sync issue:

This had been an issue to me as well since the first day I started to use Joplin till now, I do hope some knower can shed some light.

Closing forum thread:
BTW, is there a particular reason why this 3-year old thread not closed like many other threads in Joplin forum? I am asking this out of curiosity.

If I remember it correctly Joplin always syncs on startup and if you edit a note. That considerably minimises the risk of sync errors, but makes it a little unpredictable.

The forum thread was created before the auto-closing feature was enabled by default. So it does not work on this thread.

There is a big difference between what you described and my experience. let's say I set synchronization interval has a go every12 hours, but in my experience, Joplin actually sync every time right after I edit some notes, practically speaking, my setting of synchronization interval 12 hours does not exist to Joplin the app :roll_eyes:.

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Perhaps i misunderstand you, but there is not really a difference between our experiences?

Joplin syncs on startup and after you edit a note. Perhaps there are some more events that trigger a sync. If you would open Joplin and do not edit any notes it would sync every 12 hours. So changes you make on another device would be synced every 12 hours. In general I like this behaviour because conflicts are less likely and notes do no need lots of bandwidth.

As matter of fact, I don't mind how Joplin syncs, the real issue for me is that when Joplin syncs, it is hauling my keyboard input for like 0.1 to 0.5 seconds or so, and that is quiet disturbing and distractive when I am taking a note. In order to smoothly taking my notes, I had to go to setting and change the synchronization target to "(none)" so that I can type in a normal way, and then change the setting back to Dropbox after I finished typing...there is something really wrong in my user experience...

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