Mass delete note attachements

Hi, this is about Joplin server with 2.6 client.

Is there a way to delete all note attachements at once form the client? I see Tools > Note Attachements dialog can only delete them one by one.

I have deleted a large notebook that had all the notes in the client (also shut down note history), but there are lots (hundreds) of attachement files (resources) remaining on the server that get re-downloaded locally every time I sync, despite the account having now zero notes (it happens even if I delete all the files in the local joplin-desktop/resources folder) . I'm trying to get rid of these ghost files but I can only do so one by one in the Note Attachement dialog in the client, then sync. Is there a better way? Can I wipe user data server-side in some more efficient way?

Oh, sorry. You want to get rid of the files on remote? Perhaps this could be of help for you?
Go to "Tools" 🡒 "Options" 🡒 "Synchronisation" and open "Show Advanced Settings"


Sadly, the "re-upload local data to sync target" does not clear the existing data on the sync target

Which sync target are you using?

I use Joplin Server 2.7.4 on a Synology NAS

Maybe this script could help you?

Another way would be to clear the server database and reupload everything cleanly. Do you have only one syncing user account on your server?


Could be useful, thanks!

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