How to change user?

I recently helped my wife with her Joplin sync between android and OneDrive. That went well.
Then I created my own account and synced it to Dropbox. But when I open Joplin it opens to my wife's account. I've uninstalled Joplin and reinstalled it but the same thing happens. How do I "switch" accounts to access my Joplin s I can import my Evernote items?


Windows 10 Pro
Joplin 2.6.10 (prod, win32)
Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 41
Keychain Supported: Yes

Revision: 98fba37

You can't 'switch' accounts as such, it doesn't work the same way as Evernote where the server is the main centralised account, Joplin is more decentralised and the sync part is designed to keep the local data of your devices in sync with eachother.

Each Windows user should have their own account from a single install in (for example) C:\Users\<username>\.config\joplin-desktop so it shouldn't be opening the wrong profile directory.

If you are trying to swap between the data seen on a single Joplin client by swapping sync target, that probably isn't the best idea as 1) it will have to delete all your local notes and pull all the notes & resources back in from the sync target and 2) I more than suspect you will end up with data loss or activating the fail safe because Joplin is now confused as to what data should be there and could well end up wiping out or overwriting your sync target.

Before doing much more you should probably take a backup of your notes just in case something goes wrong here - I would install the simple backup plugin and follow the configuration page to make sure you have something you can still use if everything else goes belly up. Same for your Dropbox and your wife's OneDrive Joplin data.

Then, providing your dropbox data is OK you should be able to set up your sync target to dropbox (providing it hasn't already been overwritten with your wife's Joplin data) and press the delete local data and re-download from sync target button in tools > options > synchronisation > show advanced settings


Thanks for the reply, I'll try and straighten things out per your comments.

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