How to change to PLAIN TEXT? Get rid of rich text & markdown

Another potential (i.e. use at your own risk) solution is a plugin I made to allow you to create HTML notes - Release v0.2.0 · Daeraxa/joplin-plugin-toggle-markup · GitHub

It adds two new commands toggleMarkupLanguageType and newNoteHtml that allow you to convert to/from and create a new HTML note respectively. The special thing about the HTML note type is that it doesn't get converted and markdown isn't rendered. I think there technically is a third type of "plain text" type but I've never been near it and don't really see a need to use it but I guess technically the plugin could also be used to access that one if modified.

I keep meaning to get around to actually publishing it, just been a bit hesitant because 1) I don't actually use it, I made it more as a proof of concept so hasn't been thoroughly tested and 2) I have no idea if it might break something as this clearly isn't default intended Joplin functionality but if you want to try it you can download the .jpl and install it manually.

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