How To Change Sync Target

Updated to this version, same problem.

Fixed. I think this is an old version. Updated to this version. Now back to trying to change the sync target and account. I think I just need to actually press sync after changing the option.

Fixed by doing the following:
Back everything up

  1. Uninstall and reinstall Joplin
  2. Change the sync target to file system so I didn’t have to worry about logging in somewhere else or making a a new account with one of those services.
  3. Apply and press sync at the bottom left of the main Joplin screen
    3.1. This may or may not be optional but I also backed up my notes since all I was doing was separating work from personal, then deleted everything Joplin related on my initial Dropbox (Gonna have to set that up again too so try without this step first)
  4. Go back to Tools > General Options, change back to your desired sync target and press apply
  5. Press sync again at the bottom left of the main Joplin screen
  6. It will prompt you once again to set up the service and you will be able to use the link provided to log into a different account from the same service.
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I tried uninstalling Joplin completely on windows, but it doesn’t work. Whenever I install it shows me all my previous notes and settings. I deleted all folders which have everything to do with Joplin but it doesn’t work. Does joplin automatically read all .jex files on install ?

Maybe it’s getting the files back from the sync target. Delete all the notes in Joplin so they will also be deleted at the sync target then uninstall. What exactly are you trying to do, though?

So you've also delteted the profile info in the user's config directory?
Just checkin', since they're not in the install dir and might be missed. (And it would explain why your notes are still there.)

IIRC, I've once uninstalled and deleted everything, and neither notes nor sync config were kept.

Joplin does not read and import arbitrary .jex files.

I know it isn’t synced to the target. I am trying to completely uninstall Joplin and do a clean new install so that I can change my one drive account as there doesn’t seem to be any other way. I tried deleting all files I could find except the backup .jex file but it doesn’t seem to work.

I have tried deleting everything from the user Appdata folder and program files in windows but it seems to retain the data somewhere.

It worked, apparantly the program was using an old install directory as backup and the new installs were using that backup even though they were installed in a different location. Thank you for your help everyone.

The easiest way to do this is to login to Dropbox and revoke access to dropbox for joplin. Then go back to Joplin and synchronize and it will prompt you to login.


Thank you so goddamn much! Was caught in the exact same issue on Manjaro and you helped me fix it. Further to this I (somewhat obviously) worked out you can just log in to your Dropbox account through a web browser and go in to your account settings, then in to app authorisaitons and simply remove Joplin from there. Thus forcing Joplin to pickup a new auth token and you can feed it from the account you actually want to use.

Changing sync target is too limited

To me there is a broader issue here of "what if I have two Joplin directories and I want to switch between them?" In my own case, I have some notes I share/sync with someone else from a file system directory using Syncthing, and some that I do not share which I keep on my personal OneDrive. The current synchronization system makes switching between folders onerous if not outright dangerous (warnings about data being erased, back up your Joplin, etc.).

Capabilities wishlist

  • Able to have multiple file system folders on a computer and be able to switch between them without risk of data loss
  • Button in the Synchronization options to be able to change login credentials for a cloud sync service
  • Possibly have a "sync target" button on the Notebooks navigation bar that lets you either
    (a) "Open" another sync location, with the result that the current notes are "un-loaded" and the notes from that location get loaded into the app
    (b) "Move" your notes not a new sync location, which copies all of the Md note files from Joplin's current sync directory to the new folder that you choose.

So you keep switching between sync targets?
Have you considered having two different Joplins set up, one for each profile, and starting the one or the other?

This sounds interesting but I am not sure I understand how that works. I thought you could only install one version of Joplin per machine.

Yes, but you can also run as many portable Joplins as you like.

Got it. For reference for others who want this feature: GSoC idea - Support for multiple profiles - #22
The summary is to create a second Joplin shortcut, and add "--profile " to the target, where path will be your new profile. Then you can change the sync target in this new profile, so one version syncs with one service and another version syncs with another target (e.g. OneDrive and Syncthing).

Yes, I did exactly what @roman_r_m says - made multiple copies of Joplin Portable, problem solved.
However, I don't think you can run them at the same time, and I think the Portable app is only available for Windows (neither of which is a problem for me).


On linux you can simply delete all config files:

  • In joplin, click "help" --> "open profile directory".
  • Select all files, delete them.
  • Restart the app (you'll need to reapply your entire profile).

Apologies for necromancing a post, but I felt this was relevant to those that find this.

Edit: Leaving original post for posterity. The option mentioned below is unsupported, but currently still works.
You can start Joplin using the --profile option like so:

/path/to/Joplin --profile /path/to/profile

Another option on Linux is to do the following (if needing to regularly switch back and forth between profiles):

  1. Login to one profile, get it fully setup with plugins, and all that
  2. Make a copy of the profile to another directory and then close Joplin.
  3. Test deleting the profile and putting it back, to make sure it works.
  4. Delete the first profile, then repeat steps 1-3 for a second profile.
  5. Make a script or alias using rsync that can be run to swap profiles on the fly.


alias joplin-personal='rsync -avP /path/to/personalprofiledirectory ~/.config/joplin-desktop'
alias joplin-work='rsync -avP /path/to/workprofiledirectory ~/.config/joplin-desktop'

Honestly though, I wish the apps (desktop and mobile) had the ability to support multiple profiles or at least the ability to logout. For now I'm using an iPad for work only, and my Android for personal only, and my Linux install to flip back and forth, but it's a PITA to have to work around it like this.

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